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He served this sentence in Derendorf , a borough of Düsseldorf. Released in the summer of , Kürten was drafted into the German Army ; he was deployed to the city of Metz in Lorraine to serve in the 98th Infantry Regiment, although he soon deserted.

That autumn, Kürten began committing acts of arson, which he would discreetly watch from a distance as emergency services attempted to extinguish the fires.

The majority of these fires were in barns and haylofts, and Kürten would admit to police he had committed around 24 acts of arson upon his arrest that New Year's Eve.

He also freely admitted these fires had been committed both for his sexual excitement and in the hopes of burning sleeping tramps alive.

As a result of his desertion, Kürten was tried by the military system and convicted of desertion in addition to multiple counts of arson, robbery and attempted robbery the latter charges pertaining to acts he had also committed that year , and imprisoned from to Kürten served his sentence in Münster , with much of his time spent in solitary confinement for repeated instances of insubordination.

The first murder Kürten definitively committed occurred on 25 May During the course of a burglary at a tavern in the town of Mülheim am Rhein, he encountered a nine-year-old girl named Christine Klein asleep in her bed.

He strangled the child, then slashed her twice across the throat with a pocket knife, ejaculating as he heard the blood dripping from her wounds onto the floor by her bed.

The following day, Kürten specifically returned to Köln to drink in a tavern located directly opposite that in which he had murdered Christine Klein, in order that he could listen to the locals' reactions to the child's murder.

He later recollected to investigators that he derived an extreme sense of gratification from the general disgust, repulsion, and outrage he had heard in the patrons' conversations.

Two months later—again in the course of committing a burglary with the aid of a skeleton key —Kürten broke into a home in Düsseldorf.

Discovering a year-old girl named Gertrud Franken, Kürten manually strangled the girl, ejaculating at the sight of blood spouting from her mouth.

Kürten managed to escape from the scene of both this murder and that of Klein undetected. Just days after the murder of Gertrud Franken, on 14 July, Kürten was arrested for a series of arson attacks and burglaries.

He was sentenced to six years' imprisonment, [33] although his repeated instances of insubordination while imprisoned saw his incarceration extended by a further two years.

Kürten served this sentence in a military prison in the town of Brieg then part of the German Empire.

Released in April , Kürten relocated to Altenburg , where he initially lived with his sister. Two years later, Kürten and Scharf married, and although the couple regularly engaged in sex, Kürten later admitted he could consummate his marriage only by fantasising about committing violence against another individual, [5] and that, after their wedding night, he engaged in intercourse with his wife only at her invitation.

For the first time in his life, Kürten obtained regular employment, also becoming an active trades union official, [35] although with the exception of his wife, he formed no close friendships.

In , he returned with his wife to Düsseldorf, where he soon began affairs with a servant girl named Tiede, and a housemaid named Mech.

Both women were frequently subjected to partial strangulation when they submitted to intercourse, with Tiede once being informed by Kürten, "That's what love means.

The more serious charge was later dropped , although Tiede's allegations were pursued, thus earning him an eight-month prison sentence for seduction and threatening behaviour.

Kürten served six months of this sentence, with his early release being upon the condition he left Düsseldorf. On 3 February , Kürten stalked an elderly woman named Apollonia Kühn.

Waiting until Kühn was shielded from the view of potential witnesses by bushes, Kürten pounced upon her, grabbing her by the lapels of her coat and shouting the words, "No row!

Don't scream! On 8 February, Kürten strangled a nine-year-old girl named Rosa Ohliger into unconsciousness, before stabbing her in the stomach, temple, genitals and heart with a pair of scissors, spontaneously ejaculating as he knifed the child.

He then inserted his semen into her vagina with his fingers. On 13 February, he murdered a year-old mechanic named Rudolf Scheer in the suburb of Flingen Nord , stabbing him 20 times, particularly about the head, back and eyes.

Despite the differences in age and sex of these three victims, the fact that all three crimes had been committed in the Flingern district of Düsseldorf at dusk, that each victim had received a multitude of stab wounds likely inflicted in rapid succession and invariably involving at least one wound to the temple, plus the absence of a common motive such as robbery, led investigators to conclude the same perpetrator had committed all three attacks.

Furthermore, the seemingly random selection of these victims led criminologists to remark as to the abnormal nature of the perpetrator.

Although Kürten did attempt to strangle four women between March and July , one of whom he claimed to have thrown into the Rhine River , [46] he is not known to have killed any further victims until 11 August when he raped, strangled, then repeatedly stabbed a young woman named Maria Hahn.

Kürten had first encountered Hahn—whom he described as "a girl looking for marriage"—on 8 August, and had arranged to take her on a date to the Neandertal district of Düsseldorf the following Sunday.

After several hours in Hahn's company, Kürten lured her into a meadow in order that he could kill her; he later admitted Hahn had repeatedly pleaded with him to spare her life as he alternately strangled her, stabbed her in the chest and head, or sat astride her body, waiting for her to die.

Hahn died approximately one hour after Kürten had begun attacking her. Fearful his wife might connect the bloodstains she had noted on his clothes with Hahn's murder, Kürten later buried her body in a cornfield, only to return to her body several weeks later with the intention of nailing her decomposing remains to a tree in a mock crucifixion to shock and disgust the public; [5] however, Hahn's remains proved too heavy for Kürten to complete this act, and he simply returned her corpse to her grave before embracing and caressing the decomposing body as he lay beneath her remains.

According to Kürten's later confession, both before and after he had attempted to impale Hahn's corpse to a tree, he "went to the grave many times and kept improving on it; and every time I thought of what was lying there and was filled with satisfaction.

Three months after Kürten had murdered Maria Hahn, he posted an anonymous letter to the police in which he confessed to Hahn's murder, adding that her remains had been buried in a field.

In this letter, Kürten also drew a crude map describing the location of her remains. This letter would prove sufficiently detailed to enable investigators to locate Hahn's remains on 15 November.

Following the murder of Maria Hahn, Kürten changed his choice of weapon from scissors to a knife in an apparent effort to convince police more than one perpetrator was responsible for the spate of assaults and murders.

All three were seriously wounded, and all stated to police their assailant had not spoken a word to them before he had attacked them.

Sending the older girl, Luise Lenzen, on an errand to purchase cigarettes for him upon the promise of being given 20 pfennig , [54] Kürten lifted the younger child, Gertrude Hamacher, off the ground by her neck and strangled her into unconsciousness before cutting her throat and discarding her body in a patch of runner beans.

When Lenzen returned to the scene, Kürten partially strangled her before stabbing her about the torso, with one wound piercing her aorta.

The following day, Kürten accosted a year-old housemaid named Gertrude Schulte, who he openly asked to engage in sex with him.

Upon being rebuffed, Kürten shouted, "Well, die then! Schulte survived her injuries, although she was unable to provide investigators with a clear description of her assailant, beyond assuming his age to be around Kürten attempted to murder two further victims—one by strangulation; another by stabbing—in September, before opting to predominantly use a hammer in his murders.

On the evening of 30 September, Kürten encountered a year-old servant girl named Ida Reuter at Düsseldorf station. At one stage in this assault, Reuter regained consciousness and began pleading with Kürten to spare her life.

In response, Kürten simply "gave her other hammer blows on the head, and misused her". Kürten struck her repeatedly about the head and both temples with his hammer and left her for dead.

On 25 October, Kürten attacked two women with a hammer; both survived, [61] although in the second instance, this was only because Kürten's hammer broke in the attack.

On 7 November , Kürten encountered a five-year-old girl named Gertrude Albermann in the Flingern district of Düsseldorf; he persuaded the child to accompany him to a section of deserted allotments, where he seized her by the throat and strangled her, stabbing her once in the left temple with a pair of scissors as he did so.

By the late summer of , the murders committed by the individual the press had dubbed "The Vampire of Düsseldorf" were receiving considerable national and international attention.

By the end of , Düsseldorf police had received more than 13, letters from the public. With assistance from surrounding police forces, each lead was painstakingly pursued.

As a result of this collective investigation into the killings, more than 9, individuals were interviewed, [64] 2, other clues painstakingly pursued [65] and a list of , different names were compiled upon an official potential suspect list.

Two days after the murder of Gertrude Albermann, a local communist newspaper received a map revealing the location of the grave of Maria Hahn.

Each letter Kürten had thus far sent to newspapers and police describing his exploits and threatening further assaults and murders was examined by a graphologist , [70] who confirmed the same individual had written each letter, thus leading Ernst Gennat , chief inspector of the Berlin Police, to conclude that one man was responsible for most or all of the spate of assaults and murders.

The murder of Gertrude Albermann proved to be Kürten's final fatal attack, although he did engage in a spate of non-fatal hammer attacks and attempted strangulations between February and May , [71] maiming 10 victims in these assaults.

On 14 May , an unknown man approached a year-old woman named Maria Budlick at Düsseldorf station. Budlick agreed to follow the man, although she became apprehensive when he attempted to lead her through a scarcely populated park.

The pair began to argue, whereupon another man approached the duo, asking whether Budlick was being pestered by her companion.

When Budlick nodded, the man with whom she had been arguing simply walked away. When Budlick began to scream, Kürten released his grasp on her throat, before allowing her to leave.

Budlick did not report this assault to police, but described her ordeal in a letter to a friend, although she addressed the letter incorrectly.

As such, the letter was opened at the post office by a clerk on 19 May. Upon reading the contents of the letter, this clerk forwarded the letter to the Düsseldorf police.

This letter was read by Chief Inspector Gennat, who deduced there was a slim chance Budlick's assailant might be the Düsseldorf murderer.

Chief Inspector Gennat interviewed Budlick, who recounted her ordeal, further divulging one of the reasons Kürten had spared her was because she had falsely informed him she could not remember his address.

The landlady confirmed to the chief inspector the tenant's name was Peter Kürten. Although Kürten was not at home when Budlick and Chief Inspector Gennat searched his property, he spotted the pair in the communal hallway, and promptly left.

Knowing that his identity was now known to the police and suspecting they may also have connected him to the crimes committed by the Vampire of Düsseldorf, Kürten confessed to his wife he had raped Budlick and that because of his previous convictions, he may receive 15 years' penal labour.

Upon returning home, Kürten confessed to his wife he was the Vampire of Düsseldorf. With Kürten's full consent, he urged his wife to collect the substantial reward offered for his capture.

In the information provided to detectives, Kürten's wife explained that although she had known her husband had been repeatedly imprisoned in the past, she was unaware of his culpability in any murders.

She then added that her husband had confessed to her his culpability in the Düsseldorf murders, and that he was willing to likewise confess to police.

Furthermore, he was to meet her outside St. Rochus church later that day. That afternoon, Kürten was arrested at gunpoint. Kürten freely admitted his guilt in all the crimes police had attributed to the Vampire of Düsseldorf, and further confessed he had committed the unsolved murders of Christine Klein and Gertrud Franken in In total, Kürten admitted to 68 crimes including 10 murders and 31 attempted murders.

Nonetheless, he was adamant he had not tortured any of his child victims. As Kürten awaited his trial, then later as he awaited his execution, he was extensively interviewed by Dr.

Karl Berg. Berg that his primary motive in committing any form of criminal activity was one of sexual pleasure, and that he had begun to associate sexual excitement with violent acts and the sight of blood via indulging in both day-dreams and masturbation fantasies — particularly when he had been isolated from human contact.

Furthermore, the actual sight of his victim's blood had been integral to his sexual stimulation.

Kürten further elaborated to Dr. Berg that once he had committed an attack or murder, the feeling of tension he experienced before the commission of the crime would be superseded by one of relief.

In reference to the actual choice of weapon used in his attacks, Kürten stressed that although he had changed his actual method of attack to deceive investigators into believing they were seeking more than one perpetrator, the weapon he used was inconsequential in reference to his ultimate objective of seeing his victim's blood.

Elaborating, Kürten stated: "Whether I took a knife or a pair of scissors or a hammer in order to see blood was a matter of indifference to me or mere chance.

Often after the hammer blows the bleeding victims moved and struggled, just as they did when they were throttled. He also confessed that many of his later strangulation victims had only survived his attacks because he had achieved an orgasm in the early throes of the assault.

However, Kürten contradicted these claims by proclaiming to both Dr. Berg and legal examiners that his primary motive in all his criminal activities was to both "strike back at [an] oppressive society" for what he considered the injustice of his being repeatedly incarcerated throughout his life, and as a form of revenge for the neglect and abuse he had endured as a child.

Berg and the legal examiners, Kürten did not deny that he had sexually molested his female victims, or to have stroked or digitally penetrated their genitals as he stabbed, slashed, strangled or bludgeoned their bodies, although throughout his trial Kürten consistently claimed the sexual assault of his victims was not his primary motive.

Both Berg and other psychologists concluded Kürten was not insane, was fully able to control his actions, and appreciated the criminality of his conduct.

Each ruled Kürten was legally sane and competent to stand trial. On 13 April , Peter Kürten stood trial in Düsseldorf. He was charged with nine counts of murder and seven of attempted murder, and was tried before Presiding Judge Dr.

Kürten pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity [28] to each of the charges. Proceedings began with the prosecution formally reciting each of the charges against Kürten, before they recited the formal confession he had provided to police following his arrest.

The sight of the flames excited me, but above all, it was the excitement of the attempts to extinguish the fire and the agitation of those who saw their property being destroyed.

Having first claimed that his initial confession had been delivered to simply allow his wife to recoup the reward money offered for the capture of the Düsseldorf Vampire, [93] several days into his trial, Kürten instructed his defence attorney that he wished to change his plea to one of guilty.

Addressing the court, Kürten proclaimed: "I have no remorse. As to whether recollection of my deeds makes me feel ashamed, I will tell you [that] thinking back to all the details is not at all unpleasant.

I rather enjoy it. I have done many wrongs; have been unfaithful over and over again. My wife has never done any wrong.

Even when she heard of the many prison sentences I have served, she said: 'I won't let you down, otherwise you'll be lost altogether.

To counteract Kürten's insanity defence, the prosecution introduced five of the most eminent doctors and psychiatrists in Germany to testify at the trial; each testified that Kürten was legally sane and had been perfectly in control of his actions and impulses at all times.

Karl Berg testified that Kürten's motive in committing murder and attempted murder was 90 percent sadism , and 10 percent revenge relating to his perceived sense of injustice for both the neglect and abuse he had endured both as a child and the discipline he endured while incarcerated.

Berg stated that despite Kürten's admission to having embraced and digitally penetrated the corpse of Maria Hahn, and to have spontaneously ejaculated while holding the soil covering the coffin of Christine Klein, his conclusion was that Kürten was not a necrophiliac.

Further proof of Kürten's awareness was referenced by the premeditated nature of his crimes; his ability to abandon an attack if he sensed a risk of being disturbed; and his acute memory of both his crimes and their chronological detail.

Peter Kürten era affetto dalla Sindrome di Renfield. Descritto dallo scienziato forense Karl Berg come "il re dei pervertiti sessuali" [1] Kürten fu giudicato colpevole di nove omicidi e sette tentati omicidi, e nell'aprile fu condannato alla pena di morte per decapitazione.

Ha avuto un'infanzia di violenze; il padre, alcolizzato , obbligava la madre ad avere rapporti sessuali di fronte ai figli.

Peter, invece di evitare quell'uomo, ne divenne amico. La serie di omicidi avvenne tra il e il Nel avvennero altri due brutali omicidi a danno di due sorelle di 5 e 7 anni; erano le di sera e le bambine stavano tornando a casa da una festa paesana senza sapere che un'ombra nascosta tra gli alberi le stava seguendo.

L'ultimo tra i suoi omicidi fu quello di una ragazza. Da quel giorno al suo arresto le sue aggressioni finirono sempre "bene" per le vittime; ovvero riuscirono sempre a scamparla.

Le forze dell'ordine avevano messo una taglia sulla sua cattura. Per l'assassino la prigione era il luogo adatto dove poter pensare ad occhi aperti.

Fu arrestato il 24 maggio Processato, fu condannato a morte e giustiziato tramite decapitazione il 2 luglio Volle una Wiener Schnitzel , una bottiglia di vino bianco, e patatine fritte.

Il personale del carcere decise di accontentarlo. Alle 6 del mattino del 2 luglio, Peter Kürten fu ghigliottinato nel cortile della prigione di Klingelputz, Colonia , dal boia Carl Gröpler.

Peter KГјrten Video

Peter KГјrten Video

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