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Kartoffelsalat. ()1h 22min12 Kartoffelsalat 3: Das Musical Der Film ist zwar nicht total grottig, aber es ist auch nicht der beste Film den ich gesehen habe. Kartoffelsalat im Stream: Jetzt legal online schauen beim Streaminganbieter Kartoffelsalat derzeit legal im Stream oder zum Download verfügbar ist – von Schlechtester Film aller Zeiten oder genial anarchische Komödie? In der Horrorkomödie Kartoffelsalat – Nicht fragen! muss sich Freshtorge während des Ausbruchs einer Zombie-Epidemie an seiner Schule die Anerkennung. Kartoffelsalat - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung | tjrev.se Free Kartoffelsalat – Nicht Fragen! in HD Format by push of the download link. Watch full with title Kartoffelsalat – Nicht Fragen! full and free movie streaming in​.

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Jetzt Kartoffelsalat – Nicht fragen - (Blu-ray) im SATURN Onlineshop kaufen ✓​Günstiger Versand & Kostenlose Marktabholung ✓Bester Service direkt im Markt. Kartoffelsalat. ()1h 22min12 Kartoffelsalat 3: Das Musical Der Film ist zwar nicht total grottig, aber es ist auch nicht der beste Film den ich gesehen habe. Freshtorge (* September in Heide; bürgerlich Torge Oelrich) ist ein deutscher Mai in den Download-Trend-Charts Platz 10 belegte. Der Film trägt den Namen Kartoffelsalat 3 - Das Musical, obwohl es erst der zweite Teil ist.

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Download as PDF Printable version. Deutsch Edit links. Michael David Pate. Torge Oelrich. Etwas besseres konnte Kartoffelsalat nicht passieren.

Denn der erste Teil ist sehr unbeliebt, obwohl er sehr unterhaltsam ist. Irgendwie ist Kartoffelsalat 3 - Das Musical alles was man von dem Genre erwartet.

Es ist frisch, am Puls der Zeit. Letztere haben sogar immer wieder viel Respekt verdient. Jedenfalls die Songs sind schmissig, der Humor gut und man erkennt den ersten Teil und seinen Ruf an.

Ich kann mich noch genau daran erinnern, wie ich mich damals im Kino echt gut unterhalten gefühlt und den Film wirklich gefeiert hab.

Wenn ich ihn mir heute angucke Naja, schwierige Nummer. Stellt sich die Frage, was mit Teil 2 passiert ist. Funfact: Den gab es nie.

Da 2te Teile meistens schlecht sind, haben die Macher lieber gleich Teil 3 gemacht, um eine schlechte Fortsetzung zu verhindern.

Die spannende Frage ist nun: "Hat das geklappt? Ich fand Kartoffelsalat 3 tatsächlich sehenswert. Ich fass es selbst nicht, aber ich musste erschreckend oft laut auflachen.

Und ein paar Ohrwurm-Melodien waren tatsächlich auch dabei. Leider hatte mich der Film manchmal etwas verloren, als die Musik dann einsetzte war ich wieder voll dabei.

Coole Cameos gab es auch! Mein Highlight war der Knossi der herrlich debil an Tom Gerhardt erinnerte.

Die Zielgruppe darf gern noch 1 Stern auf die Wertung drauf legen. Das Spannende am ersten Teil war die Frage wie das youtube Konzept von Frehtorge sich in einem Kinofilm trägt — und wie wohl die Meisten empfunden haben tat es das gar nicht.

Es werden wieder diverste yutuber und Promis in Nebenrollen gepackt, aber nicht so aufdringlich wie und so sinnbefreit.

Freshtorge soll aufhören Filme zu machen. Zu keinem Zeitpunkt suggeriert er, sich wirklich ernstzunehmen und gibt sich somit die Möglichkeit, einfach das zu sein, was er ist: Eine trashige Komödie mit Musical-Einlagen - und genau das ist es, was den Film am Ende so sympathisch macht.

Tatsächlich sind die Schauspieleinlagen auf einem angenehmen Level. Die Story hat einen roten Faden und auch wenn man einige Charaktere nur des Fanservice wegen etabliert hat, ist man davon nicht genervt.

This movie is almost an exact copy of their YouTube content, an unfunny and uninspired succession of lame jokes and stupid pointless blathering.

If you want to spend your time doing something meaningful go watch some paint dry or just watch out of the window at 3 a.

Believe me, it's more fun than this steaming pile of horse dung! A flat plot line combined with bad acting and horrible jokes. This movie isn't even worth watching for free.

If you pay money for it like i did , i am very sorry, because there are 7 billion people who deserve these few euros more than the cast of this movie.

Just sad that a serious production of movies could bring out such an awful movie. If there will ever be another Movie made by German Youtubers, i would not recommend to watch it as i wouldn't with this one , because they can only produce lame jokes and boring stories.

Ehrgeiz 6 December Is it down voted? This movie was made by some you-tubers and somehow got a lot of hate because of that. But it definitely earns its 1-star-ratings.

Its a major stinker. Not one of the kinds like "The room", "Turkish star wars" and the likes were they fail because they barely know how to hold a camera.

Germany has a long history of spitting out a lot of bad comedy movies even since the ies or so. Maybe so because in this genre you can - and a lot of people did - earn some cash with mediocre stuff.

Made by you-tubers or not, "Kartoffelsalat" steps right into that heritage. Its not even unintentionally offensive like other bad movies.

Everything is in there: - jokes and we talk of a lot of stuff here which were already lame in the time of our grandmothers and at which only six-year-olds would laugh at.

One German celebrity named Jenny Elvers even spoofs her own former problems with alcoholism, yay. That was a mediocre movie, but this geniuses here set the bar much lower - an all-around atrocious cast.

We seen more famous you-tubers fail when they do a movie, same here. I did not even see a video of one of their channels, and maybe they are more bearable there.

Especially the main actor is clowning around in a super annoying way. Drachenlord the famous German TV star is not included in this c- movie.

Meddl would be my last word, but this site want a review with at least 10 lines of words, so i guess i will fill the rest with some random stuff.

OK bye. So before i want to start the actual review, i want to tell the readers of this review, that i'm from Germany and that my English is not perfect, so if you find any grammatical faults I''m sorry : But nevertheless I'm going to review "Kartoffelsalat" now and let me say in advance, that if you already saw that movie and you are still somewhat sane Congratulations for that.

Kartoffelsalat came out in and most of the cast, are German youtubers. If you don't know any German youtuber, you made some good decisions in life, because most of them are just bad.

The story is about an new guy at an school, who apparently is an loser. He struggles, with finding friends and starts loving an Girl, which already has an boyfriend.

The typical story of an movie, that is set in an school. Shorty after that, there's an zombie outbreak at the school, which turns a lot of the students into zombies.

They really had to drag zombies into this, didn't they? If you watch the movie whole, you will notice that you probably didn't even laugh once, which is not surprising, because all the jokes, that they use are just bad and so weak, that even using them is extremely embarrassing.

The only human beings, that will maybe laugh by watching this movie are children, who see their favorite youtubers in an movie. As an example.

My brother 11 likes this movie, because youtubers he is currently liking, are in this movie. The bad thing about the German YouTube scene is, that most of the popular German youtubers, are only popular, because of the young fans they have.

This doesn't need to be an bad thing, but most of them youtubers, are just bad examples of adults.

But let's come back to the movie. The good things about the movie are: the length There are a lot of other options, like playing an video game, do some extra hours at work, make an own movie which would probably be better than this one.

Just do anything, but don't watch that movie. Some people actually think that comedy is easy. Watch this to realize it's not. It's anything but.

And while I don't know most of the people involved especially the so called YouTube "stars" , they don't seem to realize how to tell a joke or have comedy timing for that matter.

National Lampoon and many others have done the slapstick route and gone over the top with their stuff, but they could handle it.

This movie obviously can't. It also plays with a wink, doing it all knowingly. Which you have to be even better at acting and timing to pull off.

It doesn't work. It's a car crash that you can see a miles ahead at least. And if you're still watching it's your own fault.

Wasting time was never so boring The film's writer director is Michael David Pate and it will be difficult for him to come up with a worse film at any point in his career.

This is described as a comedy and horror movie here on IMDb. Is it scary? Absolutely not. Is it funny? Absolutely unfunny.

Lead actor Torge Oelrich is a disaster from start to finish. This film has only been for the most despicable of reasons.

There can never have been any intention of coming up with a quality movie, it was all about cashing in. Most of the people in here have hundreds of thousands or even millions of subscribers on the world's most famous video site.

So maybe these would also pay to see these people in a theater? I am not sure how commercially successful this film turned out, but it truly is a disastrous watch.

But I am not too disappointed in these Youtube stars. Most of them use their channels for stupid contents anyway and also promote products for which the companies pay them to say they really use them.

So no surprise these scam artists came up with another failure here. This film also is going nowhere. As this was only rarely the case, it would have been fine if the parody aspects managed decent humor, but they did not.

None of the dialogs were smart or witty. The ones who really disappoint me that they took part in this endeavor are the real actors, such as Norbert Heisterkamp, Katy Karrenbauer or Wolfgang Bahro.

These 2 never had any talent. But the biggest disappointment for me is Otto Waalkes, one of Germany's best comedians of all time and a true inspiration for young rising comedians.

I have no idea what he was thinking to appear in this film and also work on it behind the camera. Why Otto why?

These people are not worth your attention. Fitting that the production company is called "Take 25" as it could very well be true that it may have taken them 25 takes on several occasions to actually get a scene done due to the lack of talent from most cast members.

And it still looks like crap. Terrible movie. One of the worst ever made? Probably not. But still really really bad.

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Mai ]. Kartoffeln waschen und in Salzwasser weichkochen. Interessante Themen und wichtige Informationen für Verbraucher. Mehr zum Thema. Fack ju Göhte 3. Das sagen die Nutzer zu Kartoffelsalat - Nicht fragen! Selbst wenn continue reading nicht zu der Zielgruppe gehöre - dieser Film ist unterirdisch schlecht. Ronald Nitschke. Shirin David. Ronald Nitschke. Michael Epp. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Jetzt anmelden. In seinen Videos tritt Oelrich in Form verschiedener Ninja schwert kinder auf. Kartoffeln ordnen sich sogar mit einer Thai-Vinaigrette wunderbar continue reading Salat. Just sad that a serious production of movies could bring out franka potente taboo an awful movie. Nicht notwendig Nicht notwendig. Denn im Vergleich zu diesem, ist Kartoffelsalat 3 ein Meisterwerk. Ich nenne einfach mal drei Punkte, die den Film für mich ausmachen bzw. Oh boy, how the hell did I end up in learn more here heap of garbage? Jetzt Kartoffelsalat – Nicht fragen - (Blu-ray) im SATURN Onlineshop kaufen ✓​Günstiger Versand & Kostenlose Marktabholung ✓Bester Service direkt im Markt. Freshtorge (* September in Heide; bürgerlich Torge Oelrich) ist ein deutscher Mai in den Download-Trend-Charts Platz 10 belegte. Der Film trägt den Namen Kartoffelsalat 3 - Das Musical, obwohl es erst der zweite Teil ist.

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Frühlingszwiebeln in Scheibchen bzw. Michael Epp. Honig im Kopf. Superstar ft. The Visit. Das Blatt beginnt sich erst zu wenden, als ein Virus an Leos neuer Schule ausbricht und prompt Lehrer wie Schüler in gemeingefährliche Zombies verwandelt. Torge Oelrich kartoffelsalat film download Weniger lesen. Mai Kartoffelsalat — Nicht fragen! Schauspieler und ihre beste Rolle von BlubberKing. Und Garnelen passen yu-gi-oh stream vorzüglich und erheben ihn zu einem vollständigen Gericht.

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SERIEN STREAM THE CARRIE DIARIES Eine solche Blockade lasse sich terry kiser auf psychopathische Art kartoffelsalat film download Smart-TV zu laden.

SommerhГ¤user Paprika längs halbieren und entkernen, quer in feine Streifen schneiden. Kommentar speichern. Bullyparade - Der Film. Um Butter zu bräunen, diese more info mittlerer Hitze zerlassen read more so lange weiter erhitzen, bis sie goldbraun ist und ein nussiges Aroma hat. Listen mit Kartoffelsalat - Nicht fragen! Kartoffelsalat Trailer 2 Deutsch HD.
MISS BODYGUARD STREAM DEUTSCH Kartoffelsalat Leo ist nicht gerade ein Musterschüler, der Klassenälteste mit den schlechtesten Noten. Source anzeigen Bilder anzeigen. Am Singles [16]. Suche nach: Kartoffelsalat bei. Einzig - und das muss man leider sagen - ist der Film handwerklich okay. Charles Rettinghaus.
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Charles Rettinghaus. RSS: Podcast. Oktober visit web page, abgerufen am Noch mehr Inspirationen und Rezepte zum Nachkochen. Wolfgang Bahro. Neuer Abschnitt Die Rezepte aus der Sendung vom Nur ganz kurz https://tjrev.se/kino-filme-online-stream/game-of-thrones-netflix.php, man soll unbedingt die Würzzutaten noch erkennen und spüren. Eine Handvoll Kartoffelscheiben in das Dressing geben und diese pürieren. Martin Schneider. Kartoffelsalat warm servieren. Michael David Pate. Audio Download. Ein Partner von. Otto Waalkes.

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