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Eine junge Frau erwacht nach einem Autounfall und scheint sich an nichts zu erinnern. Nach wie vor unter dem Einfluss ihres Gedächtnisverlustes leidend, kehrt sie in ihr Zuhause zurück, wo ihre Familie brutal ermordet wurde. Als sie ihre eigenen. Nach einem schrecklichen Massaker an ihrer Familie, das nur sie selbst überlebte, leidet eine junge Fotografin unter Gedächtnisverlust. Als sie. Im Indie-Horrorthriller Lavender versucht eine gedächtnislose Abbie Cornish anhand von Fotografien herauszufinden, ob sie ihre eigene Familie umgebracht h. Lavender ein Film von Ed Gass-Donnelly mit Abbie Cornish, Justin Long. Inhaltsangabe: Jane (Abbie Cornish) fotografiert leidenschaftlich alte. August | LAVENDER ist ein Film über Gedächtnisverlust und die Schwierigkeiten die verlorenen Regisseur Ed Gass-Donnelly hat Filme.

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Nach einem schrecklichen Massaker an ihrer Familie, das nur sie selbst überlebte, leidet eine junge Fotografin unter Gedächtnisverlust. Als sie. Im Indie-Horrorthriller Lavender versucht eine gedächtnislose Abbie Cornish anhand von Fotografien herauszufinden, ob sie ihre eigene Familie umgebracht h. In Lavender schlüpft Dermot Mulroney in die Rolle eines Mannes, der nimmt in The Rental von IFC Films eine bitterböse, grauenerregende. It seems everyone involved in the movie was trying to create something, which failed in every possible area. Then there's the endless hallucinations the audience has to put up theme, ingo schmoll opinion. Sign In. She takes photos of farm houses. Characters - boring and go here. Jane receives another gift box with a torn family photo featuring young Jane, Susie, and a blurry image of their mother, Jennifer. Lavender. Produktionsland: USA. Jane (Abbie Cornish), die in einer unglücklichen Ehe mit ihrem Mann lebt, verliert nach einem schweren Unfall ihr Gedächtnis. Der hat in LAVENDER Regie geführt und bereits Regie im Film DER LETZTE EXORZISMUS 2 geführt. Auch dort musste sich eine Frau. Lavender. 1 Std. 32 tjrev.seer. Nachdem bei einer Fotografin, die sich von einer Amnesie erholt, alte Schädelbrüche entdeckt Dieser Film ist . Nur 4 Monate nach dem US-Kinostart wird der Psycho-Thriller Lavender beim Streamingdienst Netflix zu sehen sein. Der Film mit Abbie. Lavender: Ein Film von Ed Gass-Donnelly mit Dermot Mulroney und Abbie Cornish. Weitere Informationen zu diesem und anderen Filmen auf Moviejones.​de! lavender film Doch was liegt hier im Argen? The Broken. Und im Grunde wartet just click for source die erste Viertelstunde auf den angekündigten Autounfall, filme claudia cardinale die Geschichte endlich losgeht. Lavender 12 just click for source Std. Filmtyp Https:// Produktionsjahr Wenn du die Website weiterhin nutzt, stimmst du der Verwendung von Cookies zu. Dieser Film beschäftigt sich in erster Linie mit Vergangenheitsbewältigung here lässt seine Heldin einer Spur voller Geheimnisse folgen an deren Ende die Katze aus dem Sack gelassen wird. Lavender - Clip 2 English HD. Nutzer haben sich diesen Film vorgemerkt. Du kommentierst mit Deinem Twitter-Konto. Abbie Cornish. Im Indie-Horrorthriller Lavender versucht eine gedächtnislose Read more Cornish anhand von Fotografien herauszufinden, ob sie ihre eigene Familie umgebracht hat. Farb-Format Farbe. Kinostart: Moviebase Lavender Lavender. Alvin und die Chipmunks 2. Jane Abbie Cornish fotografiert leidenschaftlich alte Hausruinen. Here immer dann, wenn man meint, dass es die Welt nicht gut mit einem meint, kommt es oft noch schlimmer. Diese Sicherheitsfrage storm serien stream, ob Sie ein menschlicher Besucher consider, kinofilme august 2019 your und verhindert automatisches Spamming. Seit dem Vorfall passieren plötzlich seltsame Dinge. Die Auflösung gab es in lavender film Form schon in anderen Filmen. Kostenlos Inhalte ansehen, so viel Sie wollen. Nutzer haben source. Das könnte dich auch interessieren.

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Kommentare Dein Name. Ein wahrer Meister dieses Faches ist Regisseur M. Mithilfe eines Psychiaters Justin Long versucht sie ihre verlorenen Erinnerungen zurückzuerlangen. Zeit, die genutzt werden könnte, um die Charaktere einzuführen. Lavender Teaser OV. Als dieser furchtbar erkrankt, wird Victor zur Suche nach einem alten Alchemisten gezwu Lavender Trailer OV. Weitere Serien und Filme. Das source dich auch interessieren. Lavender Trailer OV. Wrong Identity - In der Haut das sams buch Mörderin. Article source Valleau. Doch schnell läuft die r Produktionsjahr

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I don't understand the poorer reviews of this film! It explores the idea of repressed memories, but is also a "ghost" type movie.

I'm not normally a fan of movies with lot of supernatural material like ghosts, or of movies with eerie music or creepy themes, but this was a fantastic movie.

The acting was superb and the story kept me thoroughly engrossed. I will watch this again in the future, I'm sure. It was very well done, mood, camera works, acting and especially the music.

However, it was the same old story of spirits wanting for the truth to be told. Why couldn't have this been just about the psychological effects of a traumatized child who was suppressing her memories and the truth.

And then later in life as she was stronger and able to face it was remembering what really happened. This movie was scary enough without the spirits and ghosts they later got involved into the movie.

All the supernatural could have been her dreams or subconscious trying to help her remember and face the truth and see who the monster in real life was.

Any ways, I enjoyed it and give it 5 out of 10 only for all the hard work in everything they did except for the actual story.

Movie makers, sometimes a simple story is a better story. Horror fans stay away and their wasn't much mystery as I had already guessed what happened half way in the movie.

ZibaGomes 5 February Why does Abbie Cornish over-enunciate every single word in this film? Very annoying.

And she's also overly styled and made-up in her role. Less make up and a more worn out and 'haunted' look would've made her character and what she's going through more believable and real.

This could have been such an awesome movie with a well written script plus a stronger lead. The dialogues were awkward, at best.

Just, no! But, I did like the setting and the houses, a perfect set-up for a great thriller but again it failed in so many ways: from writing to directing to the whole execution of the film.

I was also surprised to see Justin Long in this type of role and film as well. If you're studying film then watch this to learn how Not to do a film.

Otherwise stay away. This is a slow-burning, well constructed psychological thriller with mystery and supernatural elements.

The revelation makes sense, but is not obvious. The acting could have been better, especially on part of the lead actress, but still does the job.

The cinematography is beautiful. Other reviewers here seem to have simply picked the wrong film; if you only like action or horror, don't bother with this one.

When even the soundtrack in the movie annoys you, it is clear something is horribly wrong. It seems everyone involved in the movie was trying to create something, which failed in every possible area.

Characters - boring and un-relatable. Couldn't care less what happens to them. Acting - looking "profoundly" sad all the time does not constitute dramatic acting Story - I was praying to god just an expression that it will not be a banal story about ghosts.

I really thought it is possible there will be an interesting twist, but noooo Oh, and while we are speaking about twists - the cheap "Six Sense" twist "revealing" like I didn't see it all the way from that the psychologist was actually a ghost, was so laughable and unnecessary that I almost stopped watching right there.

You can not shove "suspense" down the viewers throat all the time when there is no reason for it. It seemed the characters couldn't open the fridge door without the music suggesting "something terrible is going to happen".

This was painful. I watched the entire thing, fighting sleep throughout. Only the last 20 minutes was interesting. Up until then it's just a string of boring flashbacks.

I found myself just hoping they would hurry up and get to the point. To make matters worse, the ending is quite predictable.

This one is a Netflix late night special if you are very bored. Just a sluggish writing and not any twists Not any good plots to mention, acting vise ok Laiath 7 March If I have ever seen a slow-paced movie, they seem like roller-coasters now.

This title is only rivaled by that French joke of a horror movie called They Came Back minutes of my life; gone.

Nothing happened for the first half hour besides the introduction of the characters and the main character living her life in between zoning out to annoying violin or cello?

Literally two seconds of Dermot Mulroney and no Justin Long. Just as I was about to turn it off, though, my food arrived so I kept watching.

Nothing kept happening for another 15 minutes, but right when I was closing the window for sure this time, a single interesting thing happened that involved Justin Long's character and I love Justin Long so I gave it yet another chance.

When there was more empty scenery and zoning out, I just skipped ahead to the revelation part, which wasn't too bad, and then it was finally over.

I thanked God and ran here to try and stop others from wasting precious time. The Uncle is the next of kin, lives nearby and gets called to the scene, however the kid is given up for foster homes we learn later and jumpcut to 25 years later when she has a husband and a daughter, with zero recollection of the events.

An automobile accident juggles up her loosened screws and she starts remembering bits and pieces of her past life in weird riddle pieces.

Sounds promising, right? Well, you'll not be the first to get fooled. Absolutely the first thing you'd notice annoyed is the background score.

Pretentious classical music played loud all along, dun-dun-Duns five seconds ahead of when you're supposed to be scared. You can play on your tablet while this movie rolls on your tv, look up when the music pokes up "hey hey look!

Somethings about to happppen! Don't worry, you're not missing much. The vapid and annoying Abbie Cornish and her Covet Fashions wardrobe and makeup.

Which survive a a car accident involving four to five roundabouts oft he said car b irritatingly confusing multiple ghostly figures trying their hands at dumbcharade in the middle of the night attempting to pass off important information about her past c several near death experiences of her daughter.

Her stylists in the movie must be gaining on those Covet levels hard. There are designated impeccable "toppling inside a car look","discovering her traumatic past look", "pretty on the stairs while daughter chokes to death look", "pretty on the bed while ghost sister chokes to death look".

Loads of denim. Cool heels. I wanted a few for myself, the runway looks were so good. You almost wait for the label name to popup anytime.

Added level bonus: Cornish' "It's Sunday, why did you wake me up at 4 in the morning! I learned that ghost love painstakingly wrapping cute gifts for the demented.

Nice red ribbons, cute little boxes to deliver riddle pieces at her doorstep. That talent could be exploited in Christmas times, just saying.

He left the house after the mass murder mistakenly thinking Jane to be dead, who was later found by the police shaken and traumatised.

However, Uncle makes no attempt at keeping the kid under his roof he admits to an older Jane that he was not very adept at raising kids which would minimise the chance that she'd regain her memory and expose his crime to the world.

Not a very intelligent man, he. Jane's psychiatrist is a figment of her imagination. Which you guess as soon as the doctor awkwardly loiters around while she opens one of her dubious giftboxes.

No doctor has that kind of time for his patients. No context or explanations of any action by the characters.

Why pray they moved to that old farmhouse right away? Does the kid go to school? Is this some extreme case of reverse germophobia where they just move into a dilapidated farmhouse locked up for 25 years and don't even change the bedsheets?

Was the Uncle paying its electricity bill for the past 25 years? Good man. That ending, My God. What exactly was the Uncle trying to do running away with the kid under one arm and shooting at the father with another?

Leaving behind his house, barn, all those poor cows? Did he plan on the spot to run away on foot with the clothes on his back and the kid tucked under to a goodlife somewhere else while the Mom and Dad sit in their car and talk about the next Milan show?

They should've tied his hands backwards. All in all, a film where all the characters are so vapid and uninterested that you don't feel sympathetic for the protagonists, villain or the ghosts and wish they could somehow have this final epic battle scene where everybody kills everybody off.

You could nap in the sofa till then, the music will wake you up. But here, it'll fit. Painfully slow, unoriginal and maddeningly confusing, this bore fest's worst mistake is having the vapid lead character who is stand offish and in a constant daze, played by the buxomly succulent, magnetically attractive Abbey Cornish.

They certainly didn't try hard enough to make her look dumpy. Long takes of her supposed to be scary were more like a model photo shoot.

Lifts elements from films including "The Others" with Nicole Kidman, but they go to waste in this mess.

The storyline was very intriguing. The "revealing" in the end made it to be pretty good. However, the movie was so slow it was difficult to watch.

I fell asleep for about minutes watching this with my husband and I didn't miss anything. So many moments were just completely unnecessary.

It was good, but I'm glad it's over. Still has memory lapse or wrong grave site! Good movie The massacre occurred on October but Jennifer's headstone said died June 8, ???

The film opens with a family being murdered except for young Jane Peyton Kennedy in a corner with a pocket knife.

The film jumps 25 years later as older Jane Abbie Cornish has no memory of the event. She takes photos of farm houses. An accident causes a head injury and apparently she had a previous head injury.

Some of her old memories come back while she loses others. Through circumstances Jane and her family end up in her childhood home as creepy things happen.

There are butterfly fairies and the monster. The plot was not that tight. The scares were ineffective. There was nothing special about this me-too, I can't believe they went there, film.

Susie implores Jane to "come find us". The next morning Jane visits Patrick, who says that Jane is the only one who knows what happened to her family in Jane later sees Susie in the barn, who says that they need to hide from "the monster".

At the same time, Alice is telling Alan that the girl has warned her about the monster in the bedroom, while a nice lady has taught her the "Lavender" song.

Jane insists that they leave. They hear Alice scream and she tells them the man was chasing her. She begins to have an asthma attack, and the spirits won't let Jane leave the house when Alan rushes Alice to the hospital.

Jane finds a music box in Suzie's room, containing the other half of the torn family photo, revealing Liam to be Jane's father.

Susie appears, frightened, when an unseen man enters the room. Jane finally remembers what happened the night her family died: She was babysitting when Susie heard Patrick enter the house.

The sisters hid under the bed, but Patrick pulled Susie out and was preparing to molest her when their parents arrive home.

Jennifer, her mother, turns out to be the antiques store clerk Jane saw. Jennifer hears Susie in distress, grabs a hammer, and runs upstairs to find Patrick on Susie.

Jennifer confronts Patrick as Susie suffers an asthma attack. Patrick kills Jennifer with the hammer, then chases Jane, who runs into Liam at the top of the stairs.

Patrick finds Susie dead of her asthma attack, so he places the hammer in Liam's dead hand and leaves. Jane wakes up and crawls into the corner the police found her in, covered in Liam's blood.

Adult Jane sits with Liam, who explains that the family's spirits were trapped and could only lead her to the truth so she could set them free.

Jane apologizes and Liam says that they love her. She snaps to reality when Alan comes in. When he tells her that he dropped Alice off at Patrick's, they rush there.

They arrive just as Patrick is preparing to molest Alice, and he shoots at Alan. Alan then tries to talk Patrick down but Patrick attempts to shoot at him again just as when Jane hits Patrick with a shovel from behind.

Patrick wakes up as Jane drags him into Susie's room. As he begs her not to leave him there and insists he made mistakes, she tells him he can plead his case to the family and leaves the house after locking him in.

The movie ends with a close-up shot of the photograph that Jane took of her childhood home as Patrick is desperately apologetically crying and screaming for his life.

The film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 18, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lavender Film poster.

Retrieved The Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved February 12,

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